My name is John Games, and I am a software engineer with a background in law and finance. I am currently serving as a Hacker in Residence at Hack Reactor. My duties include shepherding the sixth remote cohort and tackling software engineering projects for the program.

  • BA in Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, CA
  • JD / MS in Finance from Washington University in St. Louis

My philosophy on learning to code is based on understanding the fundamentals of computer science and combining that understanding with real-world applications, frameworks, and libraries. As of late I have been working with the following,

Languages: JavaScript and Rust
Frameworks and Libraries: Node.js, Meteor, AngularJS, Express, Backbone.js, D3.js, and jQuery
Databases and ORMs: MySQL, MongoDB, Sequelize, and Mongoose
Interested In: Sails.js, Ember.js, React, and all the (functional) things!

But that's not all folks! I am also a DIE-HARD San Diego Chargers and Los Angeles Lakers fan and a blossoming San Diego Padres fan (read: bandwagoner). I am an avid Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone fan/viewer/player. I hate the taste of liquor, love the taste of beer, read manga as much as I can, a former collegiate tennis player, and a current napping extraordinaire.

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